Let us Help

Who We Serve

Our services are available to no matter where you live, your marital status, age or income.

All our services are free and confidential

What We Offer

  • Pregnancy test
  • Limited, sonograms
  • STI/STD testing offered by DHSH,at the Marble Falls Center’s location.
  • Maternity clothing vouchers
  • Baby items: diapers, wipes, formula and five outfits per month from birth to two years!
  • Medicaid application assistance (pregnant mothers only)
  • Life Skills Program: (clients can choose to take classes individually or in a group setting)
    • Prenatal & parenting (materials available in Spanish & covers infancy to age 11)
    • Step-parenting
    • Sexual integrity
    • Positive partnerships (healthy relationships, staying married, single parenting and making the marriage choice)
    • Post abortion recovery
    • Men’s Fraternity (fatherhood program)
    • Natural family planning
    • Bible studies and support groups
    • lactation training
    • Special Circumstances (healing from abuse, drug addiction, relationship loss and domestic and family violence)
    • Nutrition and sewing
    • Money management
    • Making a home (apartment renting and conflict resolution)
    • Bare necessities (car shopping, insurance needs and using a recipe
    • Job interviewing
    • Communication skills
  • Education information about abortion, adoption, contraception and reproductive health
  • Community referrals for food, shelter, clothing, counseling, and crisis situation
  • Speakers for community groups and schools

(Special after-school appointments made for students)


Call between 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday

Volunteer opportunities available!

PO Box 1524, Kingsland, TX 78369

226 Nob Hill, Kingsland TX – 1016 Broadway, Marble Falls, TX

Visit the center’s website at www.hlpregnancycenter.org

Email us at info@hlprc.com

If you call and don’t reach us – please leave a number where you can be reached. We will contact you within 24 hours. Our Caller ID will be blocked when we call back to protect your privacy.